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Locally Sourced Developers

Our business model gives you access to local, high quality software development at rates you won't find elsewhere. We make sure that your business is nurtured by people who are emotionally and financially invested in the growth of our community.

Our developers don't stop work because of restrictions in your budget. We work all day every day to help you accomplish your goals for a steady, fair, and predictable price.

Competitive Comparison

Eynon Software Non Local
Local Developers

We work with local Ohio software developers.


We are committed to your success. We don't work just to complete tasks. We work to accomplish your milestones and add value to your business.

Long Term Plan

We help you build a sustainable, long term plan for your businesses software needs.

Eynon Software Services

Software Development

If you need custom software, we can help. We have been working with software for over 20 years. We specialize in integration of web, mobile, and desktop applications. What does that mean? If you need software that works anywhere, we can build it. We can build for just about any platform you need.

Web Development & Design

Eynon Software, LLC offers a wide range of web site development & design services. We can work with your existing designer to convert and integrate their services into a finished product.

Managed Solutions

We utilize cloud-based solutions to provide you better security, scalability, and availability than other solutions can offer.

Services include web hosting, web site monitoring and scanning, custom email hosting, diagnostics, TLS / SSL certificate registration and renewal, domain name registration, DNS management, and more.

Process Automation

Process automation is meant to free up your employees to be more productive and perform more meaningful tasks. Are you performing mind-numbingly repetitive tasks? We love the happy faces we get from customers when we automate a PITA task. If you find yourself doing something more than once, you can probably automate it. Call us, and we will have a look at what we can do.


Implementing a new software system? Need additional training help with your own software developers? We love getting out of the office. We offer both on-site and remote training and assistance.


Have a big idea, but not sure what to do with it? Dealing with a complicated software solution? Call us. We will discuss your idea or problems and discover your options for achieving your dream.

What makes us


Eynon Software is a small, focused software development team based in Canton, OH. We aim to do right by our employees and our customers. Eynon Software is led by a full stack software architect with over 20 years of experience. Our small team uses agile methodologies to adapt and provide what our customers need most.