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A Precious CRM with a difference, that comes uncostly

Posted October 3, 2018 by Khawer Rabbani

Whenever a new business is established; the goal always remains to survive and excel by utilizing the skills and resources in order to earn profit by taking correct measures, at the right time. Software world has come up with a plethora of choices for businesses to manage their data, convert that to dependable and decision oriented ‘information. All this is done through an efficient and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. But not all good things in the world, come cheap, so is the case with numerous CRM Software; which are developed by Software industry giants, to provide CRM opportunity to the market sector which can afford it. When huge companies make a software they input lots of resources and investment; with a goal in mind to price the product to match their investment. This conventional path to solution providing does not prove to helpful for small & medium sized business who cannot afford heavy and bounding purchases and a steep learning curve.

‘Hero’ has arrived

Enterprise Hero was designed and developed keep in mind the needs and affordability of small and medium sized entrepreneur who could easily afford the tool to empower them in elevating the organization to the next level. There is hardly any learning curve in the case of Enterprise Hero. Usage is very simple, most of the Customer related actions are just a click away. In an easy-to-navigate tabular way the user can move around between Customers & Accounts. The customer information section entails all the required data with respect to each customer e.g Name, Address it’s Status etc.

Be a Decision maker, Be a Hero yourself

CRM feature in Enterprise Hero focuses on providing the business with an easy to use and accurate tool for managing current and potential customers, enabling them further to be able to decide the level of interactions with them. A quick and correct decision always helps the business to achieve more. If the business owner is empowered by readily available information regarding its current and potential customers; he would be easily making right choices for them, means, satisfying them as they want, enabling the business to earn more, faster.

Backbone of Marketing efforts

Enterprise Hero, through its CRM features enables the marketing teams to initiate their focused and coordinated efforts on potential customers through analysis of the information they acquire from the CRM tools. This reduces to number of inaccurate business leads. On other part the sales team will benefit from Enterprise Hero’s CRM by managing sales processes efficiently, in accordance with the analysis of customer data with them.

All-in-One & affordable

So, in Enterprise Hero, you are getting much more than just a CRM. Other services tools bundle up are Project & Task management, Ticket Management, Dynamic Reporting , Time Tracking Achievement Tracking, Automated Notifications and Reminder etc. So, for a small business, it's a match made in heaven as they do not have to go and buy all of these separately and from companies who look to make big profits and offer complex solutions, keep big businesses in mind. Enterprise Hero adequately enables the small and medium size business to get more than the value of their money when they are given everything above bundled in one product, a an uncostly price for a very precious solution.

Khawer Rabbani

Khawer is Software QA Manager and an adept blogger having diverse exposure in IT & Communication fields.