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SEO Strategies Seem Backwards

I'm fairly certain the goal of search algorithms like Google's is to promote content that is unique and beneficial to the end user. So shouldn't the content focus on them? Not only that, but I feel that focused Adwords pages result in a kind of marketing tunnel vision. The strategy I commonly see is:

  1. Research keywords for market size, competition, etc.
  2. Find a niche.
  3. Write some content focusing on those keywords.
  4. Run a campaign and make money.
I feel this strategy is chasing the wrong goal. The primary goal of this strategy is likely "to improve our search engine rankings". This goal is great if you are a search engine selling advertising. On the other hand, a business following this strategy is likely trading in their customers experience for increased traffic at a higher bounce rate.

All this is to say, I think a better strategy for SEO may be to write useful content that enhances the customer experience. This may be quite hard and time consuming. All in all, I propose a somewhat reversed strategy.

  1. Listen to people you meet. What do they struggle with? What do they need? Is there a problem you can solve with a few helpful words?
  2. Write about your experiences and propose some solutions for these problems.
  3. Monitor your organic traffic. See which of your articles are doing well.
  4. Research keywords in your organic traffic that is performing well.
  5. Coordinate your campaign with your better performing organic content. Advertise for your organic content or use that content to generate more targeted ad campaigns.
We will be trying out this strategy ourselves over the next couple of months. Our blog articles will be written on a more personal and supportive level.

Whether you agree or disagree, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Thomas Eynon

Thomas is the president of Eynon Software and has over 20 years of experience developing custom software.

Enterprise Hero is Now Free for Students

Posted October 5, 2018 by Thomas Eynon

We are now offering our software Enterprise Hero free of charge for up to four (4) years for students with a valid ".edu" address.

Enterprise Hero is a collaborative business management software tool that enables time tracking as well as customer, project, ticket, and task management.

Questions, comments, concerns? We would love to hear from you.

Thomas Eynon

Thomas is the president of Eynon Software and has over 20 years of experience developing custom software.

We've Never Heard of You

Posted October 5, 2018 by Thomas Eynon

Every so often I go to a business networking event such as those hosted by the Canton Chamber of Commerce. More often than not, someone I meet says the words "I've never heard of you." This should not come as much of a surprise; considering that up until a few months ago all of our sales were word of mouth referrals. Fast forward to today and we are launching new software that, without getting our name out there, is not so easily profitable. Now the words "I haven't heard that name before" hold us back a lot more.

Advertising with Adwords

With the marketing landscape laid before us; we started working on better stategies to promote our new product Enterprise Hero as well as our custom software services. As soon as anyone mentions selling a new product, the most common response is Google Adwords. We played around with some campaigns to see what might work. And although it is a valid way to make ourselves more known and increase traffic to our website, it's also quite expensive without creating a lot of Adwords targeted material. The thought of writing content specifically to improve our "Google score" irks me a bit.

Why don't we write content that gives our customers something useful as opposed to purely trying to manipulate search engine rankings.

In Person Marketing

Another way we started trying to promote Enterprise Hero involved attending Chamber events, business pitch events, and other professional networking events. These events have several benefits. You get immediate branding in your local space. You see what other businesses in your area are doing. You build your professional network and create opportunities. For example, while attending a Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce event, we discovered a potential partnership that would enable us to finance software projects for customers who can't afford the lump sum right now. We met a few companies interested in our software as well.

However, these events do have some drawbacks. Events that go on during the day take away from any work you could be doing during the work day. Some events can be very pricey. We receive "invitations" to events frequently asking upwards of $4,000 to attend. Events can also be hit or miss. We have attended events where barely anyone else showed up. We have found that it may be more beneficial for us to attend events as a visitor rather than a vendor.

Product Promotions

One of the most recent and seemingly obvious ways of solving the "We've never heard of you" problem for ourselves may be through a product giveaway. We realized that students frequently have limited or no access to collaborative business software that is essential in helping them understand real world operations. So, we thought:

Why don't we give students with a valid .edu email address free license to Enterprise Hero for up to four years?

This promotion will kill two birds with one stone. First, students will have free access to software that may help them collaborate on projects. Second, more and more people will learn about our product either directly, or indirectly as students begin discussing their experiences. We feel there is likely three, four, or more birds this promotion might kill, but we like birds and we don't want to kill them; so we will leave it at two.

Questions, comments, concerns? We would love to hear from you.

Thomas Eynon

Thomas is the president of Eynon Software and has over 20 years of experience developing custom software.

A Precious CRM with a difference, that comes uncostly

Posted October 3, 2018 by Khawer Rabbani

Whenever a new business is established; the goal always remains to survive and excel by utilizing the skills and resources in order to earn profit by taking correct measures, at the right time. Software world has come up with a plethora of choices for businesses to manage their data, convert that to dependable and decision oriented ‘information. All this is done through an efficient and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. But not all good things in the world, come cheap, so is the case with numerous CRM Software; which are developed by Software industry giants, to provide CRM opportunity to the market sector which can afford it. When huge companies make a software they input lots of resources and investment; with a goal in mind to price the product to match their investment. This conventional path to solution providing does not prove to helpful for small & medium sized business who cannot afford heavy and bounding purchases and a steep learning curve.

‘Hero’ has arrived

Enterprise Hero was designed and developed keep in mind the needs and affordability of small and medium sized entrepreneur who could easily afford the tool to empower them in elevating the organization to the next level. There is hardly any learning curve in the case of Enterprise Hero. Usage is very simple, most of the Customer related actions are just a click away. In an easy-to-navigate tabular way the user can move around between Customers & Accounts. The customer information section entails all the required data with respect to each customer e.g Name, Address it’s Status etc.

Be a Decision maker, Be a Hero yourself

CRM feature in Enterprise Hero focuses on providing the business with an easy to use and accurate tool for managing current and potential customers, enabling them further to be able to decide the level of interactions with them. A quick and correct decision always helps the business to achieve more. If the business owner is empowered by readily available information regarding its current and potential customers; he would be easily making right choices for them, means, satisfying them as they want, enabling the business to earn more, faster.

Backbone of Marketing efforts

Enterprise Hero, through its CRM features enables the marketing teams to initiate their focused and coordinated efforts on potential customers through analysis of the information they acquire from the CRM tools. This reduces to number of inaccurate business leads. On other part the sales team will benefit from Enterprise Hero’s CRM by managing sales processes efficiently, in accordance with the analysis of customer data with them.

All-in-One & affordable

So, in Enterprise Hero, you are getting much more than just a CRM. Other services tools bundle up are Project & Task management, Ticket Management, Dynamic Reporting , Time Tracking Achievement Tracking, Automated Notifications and Reminder etc. So, for a small business, it's a match made in heaven as they do not have to go and buy all of these separately and from companies who look to make big profits and offer complex solutions, keep big businesses in mind. Enterprise Hero adequately enables the small and medium size business to get more than the value of their money when they are given everything above bundled in one product, a an uncostly price for a very precious solution.

Khawer Rabbani

Khawer is Software QA Manager and an adept blogger having diverse exposure in IT & Communication fields.

What exactly Is A CRM And Why Is Everyone Talking About Them?

Posted August 8, 2018 by Dustin Kapper

What exactly is a CRM and why is everyone talking about them?

Well, the reason CRMs or Customer Relationship Management systems are so popular is because they can be extremely useful for any business who wants to organize their customer information.

Your Custom CRM Used to Sit On Your Desk

Back in the day your CRM was either a rolodex, address book, or a box of business cards. Sometimes all three. You would keep all of your contacts, their names, phone, numbers and maybe addresses in a handy alphabetized place where you could flip through and find who were looking for. Certain things haven’t changed much. We put all of our new information in one place and keep it organized so it’s there when we need it. But there is a lot more to it now. A Customer Relationship Management tool can hold a lot more information than just the basics.

If you have multiple prospects you may want to organize them by the quality of the lead. CRMs allow you to filter prospects based on many other factors. You can input information about the lead based on their place in the buying cycle. Maybe you’re interested in finding out how fast they are moving down the sales funnel. For this, you can keep a list of the different ways and number of times you contacted them in the past month.

Salesforce Is Not The Answer

Not every CRM is created equal. Some of the more complicated ones like Salesforce are wrought with complicated permissions and unruly hierarchies. These types of features are beneficial for large sales teams where managers are trained to watch over performance. These complex levels of authority and unnecessary features take a lot of training and come with a steep learning curve. For conglomerates, Salesforce has proven effective. There are thousands of users who took the time to tinker through each and every aspect of the program, but time may not be in abundance for the average small business owner. The best bet is to shop around and find a CRM that is simple to learn and provides value.

The Best CRM For Small Businesses Should Be User Friendly

Interface is everything. The top CRM for small to medium sized businesses needs to be easy to use. Adding a new contact information should be one click away. A top CRM for managing contact do more than just provide you with a list of your current accounts. Additional, you should be able to schedule meetings, create tasks, and create a plan to follow-up on leads.

Top CRM Software Is Affordable

It’s important to shop around to find a software tool that is right for you and your businesses. Many of the big names in the industry charge equally prices. I recommend walking through a few demos and learning more about how they work. After that, dedicate some time on trying one out. There are some amazing products like Enterprise Hero that is selling for under $10 and they don’t charge a monthly like the big software companies. Lastly, make it a mission to practice and get familiar with it. New CRM software can go a long way towards making your life easier. For any small to medium sized businesses a simple and affordable CRM is the way to go.

Dustin Kapper

Dustin is an educated upbeat marketing professional with years of experience and education.

New CRM For Small Businesses

Posted August 4, 2018 by Dustin Kapper

Eynon Software Is Building A CRM For Small Businesses

Canton, Ohio – August 31st, 2018 Eynon Software, a Canton based software company announced a new CRM software tool in the making. This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will compete with companies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Oracle Sales Cloud. Their is major competition within the industry, but Eynon Software is confident that their features and affordability will be shake up the market.

“We wanted to make the best CRM for small businesses at price that is affordable,” said Thomas Eynon, CEO and Chief Engineer at Eynon Software. The current CRM market is filled with large companies who capitalize on high end features and charge accordingly. Many of the management systems also have high learning curves and often require added support and training to use properly. The CRM Eynon Software is producing has a clean and simple interface that all types of users at any technical levels can learn quickly.

Top CRM Features

In the early stages of CRM development, Eynon Software wanted to concentrate on only the most essential features. However after playing around with some additional tools, they decided to ramp up the utility. Not only will you will be able to add contact information and keeping track of customer details, the program also has a project management tool, time tracking software, a ticket system, and a reporting tool, “I have been working with the CRM for a few weeks now, and it has changed the way I manage my tasks and evaluate potential customers,” said Dustin Kapper, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eynon Software.

The Future of CRM Database Systems

In the future, the software may have the ability to link your current contact information to existing databases in order gain more information about customers. Sugar CRM has pioneered this technique, and other top customer relationship management companies are following suit.

The projected launch date is still provisional, but the team has been working diligently on testing and refining the key components they feel will enhance the CRM experience. As for the name of the new tech, they have a few in mind, and say they will announce it in under a week.

Dustin Kapper

Dustin is an educated upbeat marketing professional with years of experience and education.