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New CRM For Small Businesses

Posted August 4, 2018 by Dustin Kapper

Eynon Software Is Building A CRM For Small Businesses

Canton, Ohio – August 31st, 2018 Eynon Software, a Canton based software company announced a new CRM software tool in the making. This Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will compete with companies like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Oracle Sales Cloud. Their is major competition within the industry, but Eynon Software is confident that their features and affordability will be shake up the market.

“We wanted to make the best CRM for small businesses at price that is affordable,” said Thomas Eynon, CEO and Chief Engineer at Eynon Software. The current CRM market is filled with large companies who capitalize on high end features and charge accordingly. Many of the management systems also have high learning curves and often require added support and training to use properly. The CRM Eynon Software is producing has a clean and simple interface that all types of users at any technical levels can learn quickly.

Top CRM Features

In the early stages of CRM development, Eynon Software wanted to concentrate on only the most essential features. However after playing around with some additional tools, they decided to ramp up the utility. Not only will you will be able to add contact information and keeping track of customer details, the program also has a project management tool, time tracking software, a ticket system, and a reporting tool, “I have been working with the CRM for a few weeks now, and it has changed the way I manage my tasks and evaluate potential customers,” said Dustin Kapper, Director of Sales and Marketing at Eynon Software.

The Future of CRM Database Systems

In the future, the software may have the ability to link your current contact information to existing databases in order gain more information about customers. Sugar CRM has pioneered this technique, and other top customer relationship management companies are following suit.

The projected launch date is still provisional, but the team has been working diligently on testing and refining the key components they feel will enhance the CRM experience. As for the name of the new tech, they have a few in mind, and say they will announce it in under a week.

Dustin Kapper

Dustin is an educated upbeat marketing professional with years of experience and education.