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What exactly Is A CRM And Why Is Everyone Talking About Them?

Posted August 8, 2018 by Dustin Kapper

What exactly is a CRM and why is everyone talking about them?

Well, the reason CRMs or Customer Relationship Management systems are so popular is because they can be extremely useful for any business who wants to organize their customer information.

Your Custom CRM Used to Sit On Your Desk

Back in the day your CRM was either a rolodex, address book, or a box of business cards. Sometimes all three. You would keep all of your contacts, their names, phone, numbers and maybe addresses in a handy alphabetized place where you could flip through and find who were looking for. Certain things haven’t changed much. We put all of our new information in one place and keep it organized so it’s there when we need it. But there is a lot more to it now. A Customer Relationship Management tool can hold a lot more information than just the basics.

If you have multiple prospects you may want to organize them by the quality of the lead. CRMs allow you to filter prospects based on many other factors. You can input information about the lead based on their place in the buying cycle. Maybe you’re interested in finding out how fast they are moving down the sales funnel. For this, you can keep a list of the different ways and number of times you contacted them in the past month.

Salesforce Is Not The Answer

Not every CRM is created equal. Some of the more complicated ones like Salesforce are wrought with complicated permissions and unruly hierarchies. These types of features are beneficial for large sales teams where managers are trained to watch over performance. These complex levels of authority and unnecessary features take a lot of training and come with a steep learning curve. For conglomerates, Salesforce has proven effective. There are thousands of users who took the time to tinker through each and every aspect of the program, but time may not be in abundance for the average small business owner. The best bet is to shop around and find a CRM that is simple to learn and provides value.

The Best CRM For Small Businesses Should Be User Friendly

Interface is everything. The top CRM for small to medium sized businesses needs to be easy to use. Adding a new contact information should be one click away. A top CRM for managing contact do more than just provide you with a list of your current accounts. Additional, you should be able to schedule meetings, create tasks, and create a plan to follow-up on leads.

Top CRM Software Is Affordable

It’s important to shop around to find a software tool that is right for you and your businesses. Many of the big names in the industry charge equally prices. I recommend walking through a few demos and learning more about how they work. After that, dedicate some time on trying one out. There are some amazing products like Enterprise Hero that is selling for under $10 and they don’t charge a monthly like the big software companies. Lastly, make it a mission to practice and get familiar with it. New CRM software can go a long way towards making your life easier. For any small to medium sized businesses a simple and affordable CRM is the way to go.

Dustin Kapper

Dustin is an educated upbeat marketing professional with years of experience and education.